Baikaltrain-Disco with DJ Mahalla & DJ Petrike

The crazy party train taking you all the way to the wild East accompanied by the best selection of music from the Balkans to Lake Baikal!

DJ Petrike and DJ Mahalla are in the driving seat. On their countless travels through Eastern Europe they picked up the hottest tunes that will make you dance til you drop. With their fresh sound and the jagged energy of the music, these two top DJs make everyone go off like crazy on the dancefloor having a whale of a time! DJ Mahalla and DJ Petrike first met in Romania in summer 2004. They very soon discovered their common spell for Eastern Europe and its rich and diverse world of music. It was on a turbulent train ride through the Carpathian Mountains that these two connoisseurs of the Eastern Europe music scene came up with the idea to share with others a part of that Eastern European culture and spirit while partying to their music collection in the finest clubs.

Ever since their idea took off, their cases have been brimmed with the finest Eastern European music. The DJs put on pulsing Balkan brass, steaming Gypsy grooves as well as rocking Russian ska and wild Carpathian punk. Their tunes have an untamed quality that double dares you not to move some part of your body to its joyous, spirited soaring strains. It’s totally addictive! The roaring Baikaltrain brings a fresh breeze that sweeps through the clubs of Europe. Its gigs are famous for causing boozy, blissful “dance orgies” where celebrating becomes the anarchy of lust for living!

But there is more! The DJs regularly invite excellent musicians to hop on the party train to perform mindblowing live gigs. Film screenings and reading sessions complement the music programme hence creating a unique nocturnal party experience. The DJs often hit the road travelling from Serbia to Siberia in search for the fuel that gets the Baikaltrain rolling at full steam: the perfect music for collective out-of-control dancing. It’s an absolute blast!


28.9.2024 - Leipzig (G), UT Connewitz


on request in all countries