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The champion from Vladičin Han

Bojan Krstić and his orchestra live in the city of Vladičin Han in Southern Serbia. This tiny town is well known since decades as the origin of the best trumpet players and brass orchestras of the whole Balkan hemisphere. Great musicians from there got international fame by touring worldwide, recording soundtracks or acting in movies and theatre plays. As a result, local traditional melodies became well known hits all over the globe. The Bojan Krstić Orkestar stands right in this tradition. All musicians learned their instruments from the early childhood, and Bojan Krstić itself became one of the most brilliant and fabulous trumpet players of the whole region. It is this very high level of musical proficiency and a huge joy of playing, which makes the energy jump across to the public on weddings, concerts and traditional events on the Balkan region and beyond. In the famous annual competition in Guča, the «Woodstock of the Balkans» with hundred thousands of visitors each year, Bojan Krstić has won the «Golden Trumpet» in 2015, the «First Trumpet» in 2016 and the prize of the «Best Orchestra» in 2017, as well as numbers of other awards for the phantastic performance of him and his musicians. In 2016 the band participated in the production of the album «Balkan Herbal Clinic» of the German band of Mr Žarko, leading to exclusive performances with both bands on stage, giving Balkan styles a fresh kick never seen before.


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