• Sirba de la Vasiesti
  • El Razonamiento
  • I Garsona 2014
  • Butelcuta 2.0


The Dj Click live band plays Electro Gypsy de luxe!

Equipped with his mobile studio, Dj Click nicknamed Dj 4X4, A&R, producer on his own label No Fridge, keeps meeting incredible people over his numerous halts, always digging in tempos of an electro Gypsy feverish odyssey from the fringes of Rajasthan to the tablas of Sevilla. The tone of Nadia Potinga’s vibrant voice is the multilingual Ariane’s thread guiding the rhythmic vessel through the different landscapes. In a jubilation ring orchestrated by Tudorel Mihai and Viorel Potinga, the unassuming Roma soul rises to the surface in gaiety and melancholy. Like an exhilarating “Latcho Drom”, the dance & palmas of Karine Gonzalez beautifully end up this modern fresco with antique origins, spreading a joyous, 21st century folklore. Click Here is an experienced character at ease with horas or flamenco alike, mixing the heat of popular music with the confident convulsions of hip- hop, techno and even new wave. It is a powerful voyage, a music without visa, straight into the heart of the gypsy world and all the musical treasures to be savored therein, infectiously infused with the fire of electro dance artistry.

New album "BalkAndalucia" out in february 2015!

Dj Click: programming, turntables, theremin, jew's harp, vocals (France)
Nadia Potinga: vocals (Moldova)
Tudorel Mihai: saxophone, flutes, vocals (Romania)
Viorel Potinga: accordion (Moldova)
Karine Gonzalez and Lori La Armenia: zapateado, dance, palmas, vocals (Spain)





Everytime in Austria / Germany / Switzerland (all other countries on request)