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Odessa Gangsta Folk

Felix Shinder and his band perform a mixture of Klezmer music and common «gangster» folk songs from their home town Odessa. This multi-cultural and famous seaport has always been a colourful source of inspiration, and is well known for its significant Jewish life, its nonesuch maritime aura, and for the origin of the «Russian Chanson» as a new music genre. Those urban folk songs arose from the Odessa underworld a hundred years ago. And this bohemian and nostalgic temper from the Ukrainian Black Sea coast is now set to a timeless level by the vibrant performances of the lovely singer Felix Shinder and his charming musicians. There is always a unique atmosphere of the old desperado times and a special sense of Odessa humor at the band’s concerts. The saying «There is always an alive fish» in Odessa manner characterizes the vitalising show of the band which is definitely full of shaking rhythms, refreshing anarchy and plenty of lust for life! Felix Shinder & Dengi Vpered produced its first album «Золото древних одесситов» (Music of Ancient Odessites) in 2016, and now enter international stages, setting off from the old and shiny Odessa port.



Next tour: 4. - 16. November 2020 in all European countries

+ always on request for festivals