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  • Moryak Mishka
  • Alyosha Plays Bayan
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Urban Folk, popular Russian Songs, Klezmer and Jazz as well as prohibited Gangster Chansons

Welcome to the music of dusty streets and rancid saloons, gangster’s hard lives, hurtful love stories and dreams of the never ending joyfulness of life! The songs of La Minor, enriched by bayan, guitar, drums, double bass and saxophone bring you back to the vibrant period of the 1920s to the 1950s in Russia. This music reminds a soundtrack to the good old films about gangsters' tragic lives as well as dramatic love stories of heroes and all kind of goodfellas. La Minor are digging in the history of Russian and Soviet song treasures since the year 2000. The vocalist Slava Shalygin admires the urban folk guru Arkady Severny and started to study his opus. Severny's genre, today euphemistically defined as ‘Russian Chanson’, erupted from the music underground to the public after the Soviet Union's collapse, and has since become very popular, played on radio stations, at cafes and in cabs. But La Minor are the only guys playing this music in an authentic manner, with very sophisticated arrangements and a bohemian expression that originally marked the gangster sound.

La Minor released their fifth studio album “Ona byla pervoy” (‘She was the first one’) in 2013, presenting a new and seducing collection of subterranean live sick stories with a natural urban taste and an inviting boost of folk rhythms. In 2017 they will release the next album focusing on popular compositions from the early Soviet movies, operetta and musical comedies. These songs became very beloved by famous movie actors and singers like Pyotr Leshchenko or Leonid Utesov and composers like Yakov Skomorovsky, whose Jewish origin shines brightly through his music. These songs played in all cinemas and theatres between Odessa, Leningrad and Siberia often had a humoristic attitude and a very heart-warming charge to distract the people from the painful war time. La Minor explore and perform this musical universe in an elegant, vibrant and danceable way. A gig with them is the spot to the coolest way ever to get close to the ‘Russian Soul’!


8.5.2017 - Osnabrück (G), Maiwoche

9.5.2017 - Hamburg (G), Frau Hedi

10.5.2017 - Greifswald (G), Kulturbar

11.5.2017 - Bad Doberan (G), Kornhaus

13.5.2017 - Leipzig (G), Horns Erben

14.5.2017 - Weimar (G), C.Keller

21.5.2017 - Essen (B), Cafe Heuvelzicht

22.5.2017 - Köln (G), Sonic Ballroom

24.5.2017 - Liège (B), Casa Nica


Next European tour: May 2017,
other dates and regions on request