• Han Calling
  • Kolo Nr. Funf
  • When I Close My Eyes
  • I Will Drink


An exclusive bundle of one of the freshest Balkan-Crossover bands from Germany together with the maestro of the Balkan Trumpet and his Orkestar from the deep south of Serbia, producing a Balkan-Brass-Explosion live on stage!

Band leader Žarko Jovašević was born in Čačak in the heartland of Serbia. Some years ago he moved to Berlin and started the band Mr Žarko to perform his fresh compositions with great musicians from Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Turkey, Romania and Germany. For the second studio album of Mr Žarko, the band decided to include a real Serbian Brass band for some songs, to give those an extra Balkan kick. For this purpose, the band travelled to Vladičin Han, to spend an amazing week together with the musicians of the Bojan Krstić Orkestar. In the famous annual competition in Guča, the »Woodstock of the Balkans« with hundred thousands of visitors each year, Bojan Krstić has won the »Golden Trumpet« in 2015 and the prize of the »Best Orchestra« in 2017, as well as numbers of other awards for the phantastic performance of him and his musicians. The recording sessions were a great fun, and after days full of magical surprises and deep inspirations, it was crystal-clear for everybody that those two bands must perform together on stage in the future, to present the fresh compositions of Mr Žarko in a vibrant and unique line-up!

The exclusive bundle of one of the freshest Balkan bands from Germany together with the maestro of the Balkan trumpet and his orchestra from Serbia promise a wild Balkan-Brass-Explosion live on stage. The premieres of the show with »Mr Žarko feat. Bojan Krstić Orkestar« were held in October 2017 in Leipzig and Berlin. Twice full house, the concert halls turned into boiling pots, full of heat, magic craziness and surprises. West meets East, North meets south and Vladičin Han finally meets Berlin! The »songs of tears, dance, pain, laughter and dances« are performed by the band of the composer of these songs, Mr Žarko, together with the mind-blowing energy of the one and only Bojan Krstic Orkestar. Two bands and 14 wild musicians on stage are ready to blow you away into a delirious Gypsy brass heaven. Expect definitely concerts to remember and to tell stories about!

Tour dates:

19.10.2018 - Berlin (G), SO36

20.10.2018 - Leipzig (G), Werk 2



All periods and regions on request.