• Black Cold Ground
  • Ticking Bomb
  • L'Amour Fatal
  • Fingerbang My Heart
  • Road To Madness


From Guča to Berlin and back!

The original music of Mr Žarko is much more than the things people imagine about Balkan music. The band smashes the boundaries of this genre in a very exciting and dramatic way. Psychedelic Surf sounds meet funky Balkan rhythms of the powerful brass section. Xylophone and toy piano merge in the rough sound of Serbian trumpets. Žarko Jovašević was born in the heart of Serbia and grew up with the local music traditions. Later he moved to Berlin, and began to write compositions that take up the sound of his homeland but come in an imaginative, cosmopolitan, fresh and frivolous manner. The brilliant musicians in the band have also made it to multicultural Berlin from Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden, Russia, Turkey or from the USA. The catchy tunes of Mr Žarko are rhythmically based on heavy world beats and have burlesque lyrics in English. The musicians transform traditional dances like kolos and čočeks with weird guitar riffs, rap singing, funk and rough beats into a powerful mix of energetic rhythms. In recent years, Mr Žarko has delighted audiences on international stages such as Lowlands Festival (Netherlands), Copacobana (Belgium), Spirit of Tengri (Kazakhstan), Nilüfer Festival (Turkey) or the Sziget Festival in Budapest. In 2023 Mr Žarko released their third studio album “L’amour fatal”. It tells stories inspired by love, its blindness, beauty, and fatality. Passion is the source of everything, it's great, mighty, powerful. Pleasure meets pain. Mr Žarko pay homage to love with an emotional sound of aphrodisiac crossover in fortissimo!


3.5.2024 - Leipzig (G), UT Connewitz

5.7.2024 - Neu-Ulm (G), Internationales Donaufest


on request in all countries, the band is based in Berlin