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The citizens of the ‘Riserva Moac’ bring the stage to the highest energy on their Babilonia Tour - charged up, histrionic, surprising and charismatic!

The Italian band Riserva Moac is back with a completely renewed live show in which freshly released songs from their new album “Babilonia” are performed alongside past hits that have marked the milestones in a decade of musical activity. Strengthened by a long history of well recognised live activity both in Italy as in the rest of Europe (especially Germany), Riserva Moac travels more than ever giving life to a global sound: Mediterranean music, Balkan Beat, World and Electronica. It’s the vision of a glocal Babylon in which the meeting, mixing and exchanging ideas is the norm. Riserva Moac is a band without boundaries which creates a musical prophecy by combining a synthesis of sounds, words and rhythms of the world. 2015 is the year of the new album “Babilonia”, released by the German label Galileo-MC. Expect a powerful sound in fresh and vibrant musical arrangements thanks to a frenetic brass session with the Bukurosh Balkan Orkestra!


27.5.2017 - Jena (G), Kirchentage auf dem Weg


next tour to Western and Middle Europe: 7. - 16. April 2017,
+ always on request for festivals