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Neoklezmer, Finnish World Jazz and Nordic Blues

Sampo Lassila Narinkka is a dynamic, soulful and new-seeking trio, which music can be called with a new term 'Suomiklezmer'. (Suomi being the Finnish word for Finland). Trios music, composed by the leader Sampo Lassila, is new, Finnish and European worldmusic - acoustic worldmusic, that mixes a wide range of influences from traditional jewish and balkan folk music even to contemporary chamber music and jazz  - with distinctive Finnish-sounding melodies and soundworlds, Finnish mentality, humour and musical stories. It would be too easy to call this music just neoklezmer, the idea is much more open. The musical multicultural heritage in the Finnish urban environment is the root idea the music. Interestingly between the eastern and western Europe, the Finnish cities have had their own quite special mixture of musical cultures.


For may 2015 in all European countries, all other periods on request