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  • I Hold
  • My Voice


The wildest rock duo from the East!

Wattican Punk Ballet is an Armenian freak dance punk duo, living in Budapest. The band comprises of brother and sister, Karen and Gaya Arutyunyan, who are also the founding members of the legendary Armenian psychedelic rock band „Deti Picasso”. The music of Wattican Punk Ballet features a creative and punchy coincidence of psychedelic rock, dance punk and freak pop, combined with eccentric theatrical elements. Gaya and Karen explore the horizon of the creative composing process in the conditions of the duo format. The band’s wacky melange of raw power, funky disco beats and Caucasian music elevates in the elemental energy of their live performances, crossing ordinary musical borderlines. Almost in every track the artists change their instruments, using guitars, drums, keyboards, loops and percussion to create a very mind-blowing and dynamic show. Gaya and Karen have performed together with a wide variety of well-known musicians, including Alex Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten), Bobby McFerrin, Tony Levin, Nikola Sekulovic (Laibach), Jason Webley, Masfel, Zdob si Zdub, Schtimm, Vladimir Volkov, Istvan Grencso and many more. Wattican Punk Ballet played as support act for Depeche Mode, Massive Attack or The Verve. Their projects, albums and hundreds of concerts have been internationally acclaimed for the significant impact they had on the Armenian and Russian independent rock scene since the year 2000.


for G / A / S: 23.11. - 20.12.2015,
all other periods and regions on request