• Lluvia
  • Cortita Y El Pie
  • Hasta Siempre
  • Arrayanes


A smart and steaming mix of Tango, Electro, Reggae and Hip-hop - a combination of explosive energy and astonishing twists and turns!

Launched by the Argentine musician Enrique Noviello, completed by musicians from different genres: Jazz, Pop, Tango and Latin music, they bring a steaming mix of Tango, Rock, Hip-hop and Trip-hop. Meanwhile, the group consists of 7 musicians with an international career that among others worked many years with 'El Maestro' Alfredo Marcucci and shared the stage with the finest orchestras in Buenos Aires. El Juntacadáveres will gradually find it's true shape: the perfect blend between the traditional tango orchestras and the rebelliousness of the music of today scene. They have been performing at a number of important Belgian festivals such as Airbag Bruges, Wereldfeesten Leuven, Sfinks Mundial and Polé Polé, as well as international ones like the Sziget in Budapest!


on request in Austria / Germany / Switzerland