• Manouche Latcho
  • Ticking Bomb
  • Bitches And Pimps
  • Fingerbang My Heart
  • Can I Kiss You With My Electric Guitar


From Guča to Berlin and back!

The original music of Mr Žarko is much more than the things people imagine about Balkan music. The band smashes the boundaries of this genre in a very exciting and dramatic way. Psychedelic Surf sounds meet funky Balkan rhythms of the powerful brass section. Xylophone and toy piano merge in the rough sound of Serbian trumpets. Žarko Jovašević grew up in Serbia under the influence of the local music traditions, later he moved to multicultural Berlin and started to compose his own songs for his new band Mr Žarko. Those compositions are fresh, cosmopolitan, suggestive and full of phantasy. For the brand new album "Balkan Herbal Clincic", the band invited the Serbian Bojan Krstić Orkestar to pimp some songs on the CD with original Balkan power. Bojan Krstić and his musicians won important awards in Guča, where the Balkans most important brass competition takes place each year. Mr Žarko had an enthusiastic audience in many club and festival shows in Germany and anywhere, last summer they played at Rudolstadt Festival (Germany), Karneval der Kulturen (Germany), Nilüfer Festival (Turkey) or Drienok Festival (Slovakia) and at many other places. The musicians are very well prepared to await you in their "Balkan Herbal Clinic" with some aphrodisiac Balkan-Crossover in fortissimo!



22.4.2023 - Berlin (G), Kulturbrauerei / Maschinenhaus

11.6.2023 - Almaty (KA), Spirit of Tengri Festival

24.6.2023 - Opava (CZ), Festival Slunovrat


on request in all countries, the band is based in Berlin