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Bohemian Betyars

The unique music of the Bohemian Betyars is dynamic punk and ska, hot flavoured with vibrant traditional melodies from Hungary and the Carpathian region. The enthusiasm of the six band members for passionate gypsy tunes and danceable off-beat fascinates the audience everywhere. They cook a special musical mix with much heat; this way they found a perfect recipe for their "Stone Soup", which is also the title of their latest album from 2012. The story of the Bohemian Betyars began in 2009 in Miskolc, at a very long party night with plenty of wine and unimaginably strong Palinka. At sunrise singer Levente Sz?cs and guitarist Máté Mihályfi swore to make music together and therefor to form a band. Then, the two checked all bars, clubs and streets in their hometown in eastern Hungary, in search of a violin player, a saxophonist, a bassist and a drummer. A short time later the freaky speedfolk punkband was ready to rock! And their gypsy punk is a direct hit! After a few singles, the Bohemian Betyars released their first album "Boros utca 1" in 2011, and toured a lot throughout Europe. They traveled from the Baltic States to Germany and further to Spain; their music crowded the dance floors everywhere with enthusiastic fans in masses. In 2012 they produced the second album "Stone Soup", as well as the clip "200 BPM" using footage of their huge international tour. And from now on they cook their music with maximum heat, double speed, another handful of traditional spices and of course with a large dose of fun, bursting with energy!


April 2019 in all Middle and Western Europe,
+ for festivals always on request