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The legendary cult band from Ukraine with a great live show and rocking Carpathian ska, folk punk, ethno rock’n’roll and reggae

Haydamaky are a well known and legendary band for a long time now. For two decades the musicians were touring all over the world, serving us a fresh new style. Haydamaky combine the fascinating sounds of colorful Ukrainian folk music between melancholy and lightness with the driving power of fast ska, strong punk and wild rock sounds. The result is called Kozak Rock and definitely brings everyone to dance: ska fans, punks, Balkan freaks and the increasing group of followers of East European music culture. With an incredible energetic stage show and their explosive style mix Haydamaky rock like crazy and bring the Slavic soul to overboil!



Clubtour in whole Europe from 15. November - 15. December 2016,

all other periods on request