Bohemian Betyars
Chango Spasiuk
Cherry Bandora
Deti Picasso
El Juntacadáveres
Felix Shinder & Dengi Vpered
Goodnight Circus
Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha
Kermesz à l'Est
La Fanfarria Del Capitan
Mr Zarko
Mr Zarko feat. Bojan Krstic Orkestar
Prince Valium
Riserva Moac
Sampo Lassila Narinkka
Simja Dujov
The Ukrainians
Wattican Punk Ballet

Tomato Production

Tomatoes exist in many different variations in the world, coloured green, yellow, purple, orange or red of all shades. Also in size, pattern, form and taste they differ, making the perception of these wonderful veggies a delightful  experience. And the world of music affords the same moments of surprises, refreshing impressions and inspiring moments. It’s the unexpected sounds and rhythms which make people crazy and cheering. For this purpose, Tomato Production presents passionate musicians and fascinating concerts to the world. We provide professional services in concert and tour booking, promotion using all media, universal management of artists and full-scale event organization.